Whether you are looking for a new vehicle or trying to figure out what to do about the one you have, we recognize your vehicle loan can often seem overwhelming

Finch has developed a way to provide you with greater utility when it comes to your vehicle financing. Whether you are looking for a new vehicle or trying to refinance your existing vehicle to access the equity, reduce your monthly payment, or extend the loan amortization, we can help! This includes your work vehicles, recreational vehicles, and even your leases!

Our staff have both the experience and the know-how to help clients like you improve their financial outlook. Whether it relates to borrowing, debt consolidation, and providing an alternate source of funds, we have your back!


This calculator estimates the auto payment Finch can help you get!

Minimum year - 2014
Enter the amount to pay off your client's vehicle

Our Finance Interest Rate is 5.99% OAC

All Calculations are based on an Interest Rate of 5.99% OAC, with the exception of terms 84 months or greater. For 84 month terms, the interest rate is 6.74% OAC and if it is greater than 84 months, the interest rate is 7.23% OAC.
Rounded to nearest whole dollar

Model Year / Restructure Term Maximum

Model Year Max Term
2014 to 2016 Up to 60 months
2017 to 2019 Up to 84 months
2020 to 2022 Up to 96 months

We only offer fully open loans meaning you can put more than the regular payment onto your loan at any time.

Regardless of your credit, if you are approved, everyone gets 5.99 OAC!

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